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Formally known as Consulting Africa’s Next Energy Generation, informally we go by ‘CANEG’, a proudly South African, 100% B-BBEE Company who readily embraces its role as an African and global citizen.

CANEG is a Green Energy company that provides unique and holistic turnkey solutions for sustainable, low-maintenance and cost-effective energy management. We believe in developing innovative solutions that improve and enhance peoples' lives. Our solutions not only focus on functional aspects such as safety, navigation and sustainability, but also on beautifying all residential, commercial and industrial.

We believe that diversified energy companies such as ours, can be instrumental in helping society address climate change in comprehensive practical ways. We see ourselves as being at the forefront of providing sustainable, energy-effcicent and cost-effective energy solutions. We aim to provide solutions that increase the livability and connectivity of our environment whilst also being mindful of our social responsibility and the need to preserve our planet.

Corporate Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to become one of the leading Green solutions service providers in South Africa, and on a broader scale the African continent. We seek to achieve this by supplying cutting-edge technology, unique systems, superior quality products and tailor made solutions to reach all client-specific efficiency requirements.

Our mission is to develop leading energy solutions for customers through continuous innovation and superior customer experiences as we place a high value on good craftsmanship and more so, a happy and satisfied customer.


Our vision is to be the leading energy retailer within the markets we operate, focused on value, innovation and stability while fostering reliable, environmentally friendly and safe energy supply through the implementation of sound and sustainable environmental solutions and practices, both with economic and social benefit.

We constantly strive to become a leader in the Green energy market and seek to enable all people to lower their carbon footprints and utilise decentralised use of off-grid solar energy, thus providing the opportunity of sustainable development and financial reward.


Integrity Abiding by a standard of conduct based on honesty, respect and professionalism in everything we do.

Innovation Providing progressive energy solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers and promote the advancement of responsible energy management.

Customer-Centricity Committed to identifying and consistently serving the best interests of our customers.

Excellence We constantly aim to exceed ordinary standards of performance in all that we do.

BEE Credentials

CANEG is 100% Black-owned and is rated as level 4 B-BBEE. To receive a copy of our B-BBEE Verification, please email info@caneg.co.za